Ink Character Design_Sailors & Women of Hamburg_Inktober 2014

#inktober first day! Von Helm.
Sea captain who went to Brazil from Hamburg in1879 .

#inktober second day. Frejya.

#inktober day 3. Yegor Volkov.
He left his beloved Russia for other great love… beer

#inktober day 4. Virgo…

#inktober day 5. Giuseppe Gobbo.
Tired of pasta, boarded a ship in search of new flavors

#inktober day 6. Mr. Kirkpatrick.
Elegant Scottish sailor who hates life at sea.

#inktober day 7. Mei Ling.
Beautiful flash of jade.

#inktober day 8. Odel.
Old captain whose boat sank in to the sea and will never navigate again.

#inktober day 9. Emilie Magie “Polaire”.
French tattoo artist, only the bravest sailors carry her signature.
French by birth and daughter of a Parisian portraitist, Emile Marie was not content painting on canvas. She traveled across Europe until found her place in Hamburg, where she could use the bodies of the sailors to unleash her imagination.

#inktober day 10. Baumusu.
Back in his day, Baumusu was a legend, none would dare question his harpoon skills. The truth is no one knew how this Maori warrior ended up being a whaling sailor. Despite speaking only a few words, he had many followers, all of which would share a boat with him anytime a huge whale was near

#inktober day 11. Mindy Williams.
Mindy’s father, was one of the first mechanical of the Ford Motor Company. Working with his father was like a game and she became the best mechanical in Hamburg. Her small hands fixed the best vehicles and also its richest drivers.

#inktober day 12. Pilar.
Beautiful woman from Aragón, who had to leave her country, but every 12 October remembers her roots by placing flowers on the rudder of the boat as if it were her beloved Virgin of Pilar.

#inktober day 13. Wolfgang Weidler.
He never worked on a boat, but the accounts of the most important fishing fleets passed through his hands. This German mathematician was not a wise, and neither was respected by the scientific community, but his expertise with numbers made him the perfect account manager.

#inktober day 14. Burk.
Burk was an obedient boy. His hard father enlisted him on a military ship and from the beginning he tried to be helpful for the crew, but he was never able to overcome his dizziness at sea.

#inktober day 15. Schmettering.
Schmetterling, was known as the Austrian butterfly. Many sailors fell in love with her and gave her all kinds of treasures. In public she was cold and distant, but in the intimacy she could be absolutely unpredictable.

#inktober day 16. Ulbrecht.
The old Ulbrecht always lived in the same place, his life was focused on controlling the flame of the lighthouse that his father built, and his son, would have inherited, if he had been existed. The truth is, he never regretted his simple life, because he had everything he needed and knew his work was vital to the lives of the sailors.

#inktober day 17. Olga.
This huge woman of Prussian origin didn’t let anyone indifferent. Her large size and obvious physical strength made her an attraction in its time. Ever since she was a little girl, she took advantage of her physical for a living and worked in the most important European circuses. She enjoyed more than anything else challenging and humiliating to the roughest sailors of the harbor. Don’t know anyone that could beat her.

#inktober day 18. O’Reilly.
O’Reilly was not the typical Irish, never drank and with tempered and hardworking character. Always with his violin, was playing his beautiful music in the cold nights at sea . But when everyone was asleep, he changed his happy tunes into beautiful symphonies dedicated to the moon.

‪#‎inktober‬ day 19. Erich Heidrich.‬
Erich Heidrich started his military career very young and was an ambitious man with clear ideas. At the beginning he was a Kaiserliche Marine sailor (Imperial German Navy), and soon rose to captain, but the First World War cut off his wings and never could achieve his aspirations.

#inktober day 20. Heller “Affe”.
Heller always suffered vertigo, but the first day we boarded on a ship he had to work in the watchtower. Since he climbed to the top of the mast and looked down, lost completely his fear. Known by his peers as “Monkey” rarely Heller puts his feet on deck.

‪#‎inktober‬ day 21. Xiaoyan.
The old Xiaoyan is an institution for some sailors, is the regent of a clandestine opium den in the streets of St. Pauli. For many sad and lonely men is the closest thing to a mother. They always come to enjoy their products and she treats them with love, understanding and making them feel at home.

#inktober day 22. Marlene Kleinman.
Little is known about the past of the famous actress Marlene Kleinman, but some historians assert that her origin is very humble. Hunger and poverty pushed her into prostitution in the cold streets of St. Pauli to get some food. Fortunately for her one of his clients turned out to be an important producer of varieties shows, who saved her from the streets, to raise her in theaters everywhere across Europe.

‪#‎inktober‬ day 23. Dietmar Lenz. ‪
The engine room of a steamboat is a tough place to work. Something that Dietmar Lenz knew so good. He was a tired man who spent his last years between charcoal and fire inside the Augusta. Thanks to his hard work and sacrifice, his son, Olaf, was able to study and become an Admiral of the Imperial Navy … although Dietmar didn’t live long enough to see his son in uniform.

#inktober day 24. Olaf Lenz.
Olaf Lenz is probably one of the few men of humble origins who became Grand Admiral of the German Imperial Navy. From sailor, his great intellect and his effort was rewarded and got a promotion until his great talent as a strategist led him to the top of the army. He survived the disappearance of the navy after World War I and retired to a farm with his family.

#inktober day 25. Frieda.
Frieda’s life would be the life of many anonymous girls in prostitution in Hamburg. Away from the glamor of some guest houses, cold street was home to Frieda and her mates, who often gave their bodies for a simple piece of fruit or to sleep indoors. Frieda survived for years until gave in to death by jumping into the Elbe river.

#inktober day 26. Egmont Breusing.
Egmont Breusing was the youngest son of a wealthy merchant family. Despite having settled life, his hunger for knowledge never stopped and studied physics, mathematics, astronomy, history and a naval career that ended with his appointment as captain. Like other wealthy men of the time, Egmont led from Hamburg many expeditions to the Arctic in order to advance northward as much as possible.

#inktober day 27. Kellina Irwin.
Kellina Irwin was daughter of Scottish immigrants. As a child, she worked with her mother at a sewing workshop where she discovered her passion, color dyes. She learned how to combine colours to create garments with new shades that were irresistible to the noble women of that time. Kellina soon discovered that the favours of the husbands were better than the blandishments of their wives.

#inktober day 28. Gregorio Neyra.
Gregorio Neyra was an experienced sailor. Along his adult life, he served in many boats as ship’s doctor. There were frequent injuries, blows, cuts and even amputations on a merchant ship, that’s why a professional like Gregorio was vital for the morale of the crew. Finally left life at sea and opened a medical office in Hamburg.

#inktober day 29. Lavinia.
Lavinia and her family’s origin is not clear, never is when it came to nomads Gypsy camps. This woman, whose huge green eyes captivated many men, took advantage of all her virtues to make a profit. Tarot, exotic dancing and sex served Lavinia to achieve large sums of money or gifts that will help her community prosper.

#inktober day 30. Johan Hemmer.
Johan Hemmer’s life is an overcoming story. After being the only survivor of a terrible shipwreck and spend two days tied to the remains of the mainmast, he was picked up by a Japanese whaler. What they re-launched from water was a man who had been devoured by sharks, but, despite of it, refused to die. Healed of his wounds became famous telling his feats to anyone who invite him to a pint of beer, small price to those who sat at his table.

#inktober day 31. Ebba Weiss.

Ebba had an amazing idea. With a few money, she bought a ramshackle ship at the point of collapse, and, with patience and time, managed to restore it. Her boat was not ready to sail, and was not necessary, because what this woman wanted to create, was the first floating brothel in Hamburg. Was quickly successful, her curious ship became a benchmark in this time and Ebba as captain became so popular.

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